Cats Needing Homes in Marion, Virginia
If you are interested in a particular cat before its available date please contact us. We would like a cat to go to a new home or rescue as soon as possible after its 'available' date.

Adoption fee for a female cat is $55.00 and for a male cat is $40.00. Residents of Smyth County and adjacent counties may adopt pets from Smyth County Animal Shelter with proper identification required.

Make sure that you are able to take your cat home on the day you adopt it. We will not keep a cat for you after its 'available' day.

We operate on a first come, first served basis to quallified adopters which means WE DO NOT HOLD ANIMALS so you cannot reserve a cat over the phone or via e-mail.

Please click on a cats name or picture to see more information


Color: Tortoiseshell

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 5 years approx

Date Available: 06-26-2022

Leara and Shilo

Color: Grey and Calico

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 10 years approx

Date Available: 06-26-2022

Joey and Binx

Color: Tabby and white & black

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 2 & 6 years approx

Date Available: 06-26-2022

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