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Smyth County Animal Shelter
287 Fox Valley Rd,
VA, 24354

Phone: 276-646-2222

Opening Hours for Adoption, Viewing and Reclamation:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1pm-4:30pm by appointment only

Opening Hours for Animal Intake (by appointment only):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 8-12, 1-4:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 8-12, 1-4:15pm
Closed Daily for lunch 12-1pm
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Our shelter is a small rural shelter and the total number of animals varies day by day. Our shelter is run by our Animal Control staff of five officers, a Shelter Manager, and a Shelter Attendant. We are responsible for covering 452 square miles in Smyth County and deal with cats, dogs, livestock, and wildlife. Our shelter only has 12 dog runs and 20 cat cages, but despite that, we took in just under 1900 animals in 2018. The Smyth County Animal Shelter is not a 'no kill' shelter. We need rescues and adopters to take dogs from the shelter in order to make room for the strays that we are committed to take in. If you are unable to keep your dog, please find it a home. Surrendering your dog to Smyth County Animal Shelter will not guarantee it will go to a home for a new life. SCAS is committed to take in stray dogs. If they run out of space, your dog could be euthanized to make room for another stray. Dogs marked as URGENT have little time left to live unless they are adopted or taken by a rescue.

Visiting Smyth County Animal Shelter
Please phone us on 276-646-2222 to check that the dog you want to visit is still available.

Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1pm-4:30pm by appointment only

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